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Re: Konqueror 3.3, Icon View mode in Filemanager

On Sunday 12 September 2004 17:41, James Hirschorn wrote:
> Anyone else notice that filenames longer than 2 lines are terminated by ...
> Is there a way to go back to the pre 3.3. behaviour where the entire
> filename is shown in Icon View mode?
> Cheers,
> James

i posted the same on the list a few weeks ago, with no reply :/
there is only the way to change the number of lines which  should be shown up 
in konqueror, you can do that in the konqueror settings.
but if a filename is longer then the number of lines, it will be cut. so there 
is no way to guarantee that every file is displayed with full name.
IMHO the way it was done before (in 3.2.3) was much better.


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