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SMB4k works, KDE Printer Scanner fails?

My unstable box is networked to my Windows 2000 box which manages a shared HP 
Deskjet 5150.

The KDE Print System-->Add Printer-->Select SMB Backend-->etc... will not see 
the shared 5150.  The solution that I implemented to install the printer was 
to use smb4k to access the 5150 Windows box, browse the C drive, light 
incense and chant, put pins in eyelids, and perform other minor magicks with 
smb4k.  In short, utilize smb4k to find a network path to the 5150 and not 
the KDE Printer Scanner.

What elements of the KDE Samba interface are faulty and need improvement to 
match the ability of smb4k?  Even the SMB browser that comes with the xfce 
window manager can browse a windows network more easily.

A frustrated KDE Printing & CUPS user,
Exercise caution in your daily affairs.

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