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perculiar performance problem


I'm not sure this is the correct list for this question, but anyway: I have a 
performance problem with kde/qt apps on my debian box.

It's a 2.6Ghz pIV, with 512mb ram and a GForce FX 5200 - a fairly up to date 
box in other words. It runs debian unstable with xfree86 and nvidias drivers.

If I open konqeror (or any other kde app) and press a menu item, there's a 
short delay before the menu pops up. If I then move the mouse along the menu 
bar, the other menues pops up, but very slowly, ie, you first see a grey box 
for half a second, then the text is drawn and the next menu doesn't appear 
until the previous one is done drawing. 

On a second computer, a 450Mhz pIII with 196mb ram and a Geforce MX (older) 
graphics board with the same nvidia drivers, the menues are instant. This 
computer has Suse 9.1 installed.

I've been searching high and low for the problem, trying to activate and 
deactivate different theme and effect settings, but to no avail. The older 
suse box even has AA-fonts enabled and is still swift!

Anyone has a clue what I'm missing or what might be the problem..?
Are menues fast on your debian installations or is this a general debian 
qt-lib problem?

Menues are just an example of whats slow, kde/qt apps are slow all in all but 
it's most apparent on the menus.

Furthermore, gtk apps does not have this problem.

Here's a x11perfcomp comparision between the two computers #1 is the debian 
box, #2 is the suse box:

    1              2           Operation
--------   -----------------   -----------------
21900000.0   9450000.0 (  0.43)   Dot
 43700.0    81600.0 (  1.87)   100x100 rectangle
 43700.0    81600.0 (  1.87)   100x100 stippled rectangle (8x8 stipple)
1960000.0   1750000.0 (  0.89)   1x1 opaque stippled rectangle (17x15 stipple)
 42800.0    14000.0 (  0.33)   100x100 stippled rectangle (161x145 stipple)
366000.0   301000.0 (  0.82)   100-pixel line segment (1 kid)
 30100.0    25100.0 (  0.83)   500x500 rectangle outline
1100000.0   385000.0 (  0.35)   10-pixel solid circle
  4570.0     7680.0 (  1.68)   500-pixel filled ellipse
826000.0   361000.0 (  0.44)   Fill 1x1 tiled trapezoid (17x15 tile)
3800000.0   2290000.0 (  0.60)   Char in 80-char image line (TR 10)
273000.0   136000.0 (  0.50)   PutImage 10x10 square
 58800.0     9400.0 (  0.16)   Move window (4 kids)
 51500.0     8140.0 (  0.16)   Move window (16 kids)
 48300.0     7590.0 (  0.16)   Move window (25 kids)
 38400.0     6560.0 (  0.17)   Move window (50 kids)
 34600.0     5670.0 (  0.16)   Move window (75 kids)
 30500.0     5010.0 (  0.16)   Move window (100 kids)
 20500.0     3280.0 (  0.16)   Move window (200 kids)

As you can see, the debian box is (and should be!!) faster on almost all 
tests, but why not on some!?

Any help or hints or pointers where to look for info is highly appreciated.


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