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why dig ? I wanna use nslookup !

Since about a month, seems to me that I have to use dig and I feel this
situation as an imposition.
First, the nslookup start message says that nslookup is 'deprecated' and
tell me to use dig or host instead.
If I don't want to see this message I have to use -silent option ...

OK, but who have choose that nslookup is deprecated in favour of the
other two tools ? I prefer to leave to debian users the freedom of
choose whatever dns tools to use for dns query ...

Second, nslookup appear to me to lost many of its feature. e.g. the 'ls'
command now is unsupported (the docs still mention this command ....).
Is this a way to force the migration to dig or host ????

Why we have to remove nsllokup from debian ?
I like nslookup and I don't' want to use dig :-))))


	- Zack -

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