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Re: XFree 4.0.3 used by some debian developers and their sid packages depend on it (but not available)


Everyone else, please file serious bugs against any packages you find doing
this.  "Cannot build from source" is exactly what they are, and that's a
release critical bug.

4.0.3-1 will be out when it's ready, which will hopefully be soon.

On Sun, Apr 22, 2001 at 08:05:51PM +0200, Adel Belhouane wrote:
> 	I send this e-mail to you because I think you're the person most
> able to talk about this to debian developer.
> 	Some debian developers create packages depending on xlibs 4.0.3,
> but it's not available in sid without including for example a deb line
> pointing to your packages. I already made one or two bug reports in the
> past when the very same happened with packages depending on non-available
> xlibs 4.0.1 but I didn't get any positive answer.
> 	Would you mind putting a warning on your X Strike Force page
> telling debian developers to be careful about that, or do you think that
> since I'm using the unstable distribution I shouldn't find this abnormal
> and handle it myself (personnally I can, maybe not some others)? I won't
> protest if so, I'd just like to be told.
> Thanks in advance.
> list of such packages:
> merlin-clock
> freetype-tools
> freetype2-demos
> wmsysmon
> netmaze
> ssh-askpass-gnome
> Adel Belhouane <void@pipo.com>

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