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Re: updating of /etc/rc?.d

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 09:43:56PM -0400, Jason Lunz wrote:
>harpo@thebackrow.net said:
>> I've thought for a while that perhaps update-rc.d should have a
>> --persistant option that would do the same thing as "remove" AND add a
>> K symlink in /etc/rc9.d/ -- a valid but unused runlevel -- so that
>> users could permanently disable things in one swift commandline.
>This is dpkg bug #67095. Is there any progress on this? I would love it
>if I didn't have to re-disable nfs and portmap each time I upgraded
>their packages.

It is possible to disable a service simply by removing links in
/etc/rc*.d .  So long as you leave at least one (/etc/rc0.d/K*package
would seem to be a good candidate), update-rc.d when called by packages
on upgrade is a no-op.  Something like:

  rm /etc/rc*.d/S*package

should generally do the trick.

Note, now that netbase has changed the dependency on portmap to a
`suggests' you may remove it anyway.

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