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Re: testing is broken

John Galt said...
> Yeah, that minute delay between keypress and action on a 386 takes a bit
> of getting used to...

To me, this is the biggest problem with dselect. Could someone please
briefly explain what the program is doing at that point to cause such a
delay? Would it be alleviated by emulating the deity behavior of only
showing category names at first?

When I started with Debian (hamm), I actually quite liked the dselect
interface. What I found difficult was the configuration after the packages
were installed, which has been made much simpler with debconf.

I think we need to keep in mind that many people do like dselect over the
alternatives, and work on improving that instead of just complaining about
its faults. I like how the development of programs such as gnome-apt and
stormpkg were able to show some new ways of doing things which could be
implemented in other programs. Why hasn't anything been done like this
with dselect? Surely over the time since it was last modified, there have
been ideas that have emerged that could help it become better.

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