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Re: testing installation bot just plain doesn't like XFree86

Colin Watson wrote:
> Is there any mileage in suggesting that build daemons might be able to
> apply some heuristics (e.g. shlibdeps of uploaded binary packages) to
> guess which build environment was originally used for a package, and
> then build against the appropriate distribution? [...]

Even better: We could make build daemons to build packages on the
lower Debian version which is acceptable for their Build-Dependencies.

I mean: If a package depends only on libc6, then it should be built on
a potato system. It it build-depends on libc6-dev >= 2.2, then it
should be built on a woody system. Only if it build-depends on a library
which is only available in sid it should be built in sid.

This way the stability of uploads made by build daemons would be the
greatest possible.

What is really surprising is that packages built against a buggy libc
wait for a new libc before being installed in testing. Should not
those packages be rebuilt against the fixed libc as well?

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