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Re: Woody Freeze Plans - Progress Report

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> Anthony Towns <ajt@debian.org> writes:
> > In short: there hasn't been any, go help Adam and David with
> > boot-floppies.
> I'm wondering, as a bit of a newcomer to Debian, who hasn't ever
> installed Debian with floppies but rather by untarring base.tar.gz
> (from another Linux installation that was done from bootable CD): when
> you say floppies, do you really, actually mean floppies?
> Nobody uses floppies anymore, we should focus on the boot-cd, imho.

  floppies are handy if you want to install the system on empty hd and
you can't boot from cd (don't have cd, system does not support boot from
cd etc.). you can get floppies and install the rest of the system over
the net, that's what I did for a notebook I recently got...


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