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undocumented(7) should be in an essential package

There are two long-standing bugs (#32019 and #53214) against man-db
asking that undocumented(7) be moved there from manpages. I think this
is the wrong answer, and agree with the previous maintainer that the
real bug is that a lot of packages have a symbolic link to a file not in
an essential package without an explicit dependency.
/usr/share/man/man7/undocumented.7.gz is a whole 1415 bytes, and
/usr/man/man7/undocumented.7.gz is a symlink to it, so I don't think
it's a big deal in terms of essential package bloat.

Fabrizio suggested that /usr/{share/}man/man7/undocumented.7.gz be moved
to debianutils. Actually, I think base-files would be more appropriate,
as they're miscellaneous Debian-specific files rather than miscellaneous
Debian-specific utilities. Would anyone object to me filing a wishlist
bug against base-files requesting this? Would the manpages maintainer be
able to provide a version of that package on which base-files could have
a versioned Replaces: if I did so?


Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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