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Re: Woody Freeze Plans - Progress Report

On Sat, Apr 07, 2001 at 10:16:10PM +0200, Roland Mas wrote:
> Ian Eure (2001-04-07 13:02:13 -0700) :
> > this is one of the things i think has been lacking in debian - in
> > order to perform a network install, you must create 6 floppies;
> > rescue, root, and 4 driver disks. bleah.
> I usually get along really fine with two floppies (rescue and root).
> I do replace the kernel on the rescue disk by an appropriate one (with
> all needed drivers compiled in), but it's really easy.

FWIW, I use here, to make installation from the network, a server with the
potato initrd and a kernel with all the NIC drivers compiled in (I will tune
this with a modularized kernel and an custom initrd with the NIC drivers), 
and the only thing that I need for station is a floppy with GRUB, compiled
with the support for all PCI NIC.

This GRUB detects the PCI NIC and then sends a bootp request (this is a
slighty patched GRUB). It then downloads a menu from the server where the 
correct commands for the install are set (I have only one point, the server, 
to tune every time I want to modify something).

Just to say that, if one wants to make install from the network, the size of
the kernel(s) and initrd are no more a problem : with a general GRUB floppy
one can start from the network.
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