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Ajay Shay put on hold AM Report for Arthur Korn AM Report for Bjorn Andersson AM Report for Claire M. Connelly AM report for Cosimo Alfarano AM report for Daniel Burrows AM Report for David Schleef AM report for Giacomo Catenazzzi AM Report for Gleydson Mazioli da Silva AM Report for Ian Eure AM Report for Mako Hill <> AM Report for Marc Haber AM report for Massimo Dal Zotto AM Report for Matt Kraai AM Report for Misha Nasledov AM Report for Norbert Tretkowski AM report for Philip Blundell AM report for Robert Merkel AM report for Taylor Carpenter AM report for Thomas Lange AM report for Tom Cato Amundsen AM report for Vince Mulhollon AM report on Adam C Powell IV AM report on Angus Lee AM report on Cody Pisto AM report on Dan Helfman AM report on Drew Parsons AM report on Ivo Timmermans AM report on Josh Huber AM Report on Masanori GOTO AM Report on Michael Piefel AM report on Nathan Myers AM report on Ondrej Sury AM Report on Philip Brown AM report on Robert McQueen AM reports Re: Arthur Korn on hold [ New Maintainer] Christopher Tessone on hold Re: DMUP ElGamal key restriction Eric Winn on Hold Final Report on Eric VanBuggenhaut Final Report on Roberto Suarez Sots gnupg 1.0.3 in potato Guenter Bechly AM report Jakob Lida on hold [ Problems with GnuPG and being unable to verify signatures or import some keys] Jean-Philippe Guerard on hold Kyle McMartin on hold Max Usatov on hold Micah Anderson on hold More requirements for AMs (and their applicants) Nathan Kennedy on hold nm's helping themselves original applications? please someone get Matt Zimmerman taken care of RE: Problem application Problems with Proposal, was: Re: Problem application Question about the ID process from a new AM Report on Andrea Mennucci Repost, with GPG Key: Final Report on Roberto Suarez Soto Robert Merkel on hold Signed Picture? Status of Anton Zinoviev ???? Unidentified subject! **** Weakly Report **** Re: Weakly Report A weekly report? Re: your mail The last update was on 10:58 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 130 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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