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**** Weakly Report ****

Before I begin this report; some folks have asked whether or not I know
how to spell weekly. Anyone who looks at the archives will see that this
is _not_ a weekly report ;-)

First let me address _the_ continuing problem: Large Waiting Line

With the influx of new AMs we managed to pull down the length of the line
to under 100. Over the past several weeks we have been loosing ground at a
small, but steady pace.

Several reasons might be:

Burn out:

16 AMs are currently on break (have the max applicant value in their
profiles set to 0). Many of these have been very productive when they were
active. I can only conclude that the job has exhausted their spare
energies, although I know that some have been overwhelmed by the other
responsibilities in their lives.


When new AMs come on board, the first impression is that the "line" moves
pretty fast, and ground is gained. Later, watching how long each
application takes to get through the process, it seems that everyone tends
to slow down after a time.


I know that I keep coming back to this, but it still seems we don't have
as many people working on processing applicants as we need. I guess part
of my job should be a periodic plea for more helpers ;-)

Second, let me address the questions about AM reporting:

For those who have been here as AMs from the beginning of this
reconstruction process, or joined early on, there has been considerable
discussion and slow but steady changes in the process as we attempt to
refine our jobs and define the pesky details.

Please keep in mind that we are basicly here to help the DAM in processing
applicants. This means that the DAM has final say about what constitutes
an adequate report. While we may need to stay on top of the documentation
in order to keep current with these needs, the current documentation is
quite clear about what should be in a DAM report. Even if it isn't, when
the DAM says the current report is not sufficient, it becomes the AM's
responsibility to satisfy the requirement.

The best way to do this, if the AM doesn't understand the requirement, is
to discuss how to satisfy the requirement on the mailing list so that all
AMs become aware of the issues involved and can therefore avoid problems
in the future. Once a solution has been crafted the DAM just still be
willing to accept that solution.

Finally, thanks:

I want to thank all of you for the energy and effort you have given to
this process. It sometimes isn't clear that the general public appreciates
just what we are doing here, but I certainly do. Without your interest and
willingness to help we would not have gotten this far.


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