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ANN: whalebuilder - Debian package builder using Docker aptitude has Priority: standard, why? Bug#761442: ITP: node-readable-stream -- Streams2, user-land copy of the stream library from Node.js v0.10 Bug#773459: ITP: libreswan -- Internet Key Exchange daemon Bug#774564: ITP: node-fs-extra -- fs-extra contains methods not included in the Node.js fs module Bug#779481: ITP: libthread-tie-perl -- alternative separate thread implementation of shared variables Bug#779487: ITP: node-q -- JavaScript library for promises (CommonJS/Promises/A,B,D) Bug#779490: ITP: three.js -- lightweight Bug#779496: ITP: node-junk -- Filter out OS junk files in Node.js Bug#779498: ITP: node-decompress-zip -- Extract files from a ZIP archive in Node.js Bug#779516: ITP: node-mkpath -- Simple mkdir -p module for Node.js Bug#779518: ITP: node-binary -- Unpack multibyte binary values from buffers and streams in Node.js Bug#779524: ITP: node-buffers -- Buffer collections as contiguous partially mutable Buffer Bug#779531: ITP: robustirc-bridge -- bridges (translates) between RobustIRC and standard IRC Bug#779545: ITP: rofi -- A window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement Bug#779565: O: bamf -- Window matching library Bug#779567: ITP: librdp-taxonomy-tree-java -- taxonomy tree library from Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) Bug#779574: ITP: ppx-tools -- tools for authors of OCaml syntactic tools Bug#779582: ITP: jboss-classfilewriter -- bytecode writer that creates .class files at runtime Bug#779583: ITP: jboss-logmanager -- an implementation of java.util.logging.LogManager Bug#779598: ITP: jboss-modules -- Modular Classloading System Bug#779632: ITP: fw4spl -- FrameWork for Software Production Line Bug#779636: ITP: sass-spec -- test suite for Sass Bug#779640: ITP: poppass-cgi -- CGI script to interact with a poppassd server Bug#779654: ITP: debootstick -- Turn a chroot environment into a bootable image Bug#779680: ITP: node-argparse -- command-line argument parser for node.js Bug#779711: general: activates (reboots) directly after automatic suspend Bug#779718: ITP: soundmanager2 -- cross-platform audio player API Bug#779841: ITP: libmonitoring-plugin-perl -- family of perl modules to streamline writing Monitoring plugins Bug#779852: ITP: maven-compiler-plugin-2.5 -- Maven Compiler plugin Bug#779853: ITP: plexus-compiler-1.0 -- Plexus compiler system Bug#779910: ITP: docker-compose -- Tool to define and run complex applications with Docker Bug#779923: ITP: libosmium -- Fast and flexible C++ library for working with OpenStreetMap data Bug#779927: ITP: node-osmium -- Osmium library Node.js bindings Bug#779932: ITP: pyosmium -- Osmium library bindings for Python Bug#779938: ITP: osmium-tool -- Command line tool for working with OpenStreetMap data Bug#779942: ITP: osmium-contrib -- Various programs showing what you can do with the Osmium library Bug#779944: ITP: osmcoastline -- Extract coastline data from OpenStreetMap planet file Bug#779969: ITP: coreclr -- .NET Core Runtime Bug#779970: ITP: corefx -- .NET Core Libraries Bug#779994: ITP: node-touch -- File touching for Node.js Bug#779998: ITP: node-string-decoder -- The string_decoder module from Node core Bug#780001: ITP: node-isarray -- JavaScript Array#isArray for older browsers Bug#780002: ITP: node-core-util-is --* functions introduced in Node v0.12 for older versions Bug#780017: ITP: libthread-conveyor-perl -- thread-safe conveyor belt for any data-structure Bug#780041: ITP: ffmulticonverter -- graphical multi format converter Bug#780063: ITP: python-requests-futures -- library for asynchronous HTTP requests Bug#780099: ITP: python-u2flib-server -- Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) server Python module Bug#780111: ITP: ruby-fog-serverlove -- Module for the 'fog' gem to support ServerLove Bug#780114: ITP: luckyLUKS-- GUI for creating and (un-)locking encrypted volumes from LUKS/TrueCrypt container files Bug#780126: ITP: python-padme -- mostly transparent proxy class for Python Bug#780155: ITP: baculum -- Baculum WebGUI tool for Bacula Community program Bug#780189: ITP: python-semantic-version -- implementing the SemVer scheme Bug#780192: ITP: libjs-lrdragndrop -- drag and drop module for Angularjs Bug#780203: general: Cannot have more than 2 desktops Bug#780203: marked as done (general: Cannot have more than 2 desktops) Bug#780209: ITP: puppet-module-jlyheden-pam -- Puppet module for managing PAM Bug#780304: ITP: python-imaplib2 -- Threaded Python IMAP4 client Bug#780310: ITP: rdp-alignment -- Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) alignment tools package Bug#780312: ITP: node-cross-spawn -- Cross platform drop-in replacement for spawn Bug#780342: ITP: node-cli-table -- Pretty unicode tables for the CLI Bug#780357: ITP: node-browserify -- provides a nodejs type require() method in the browser Bug#780421: ITP: cmake-fedora -- Set of scripts and cmake modules that simply the release process Bug#780422: ITP: php-zend-db -- Zend Framework - Db component Bug#780440: ITP: node-tar -- Tar for Node.js Bug#780483: ITP: pick -- The pick utility allows users to choose one option from a set of choices using an interface with fuzzy search functionality. Bug#780511: ITP: libapache-ssllookup-perl -- glue layer between Perl handlers and the mod_ssl public API Bug#780516: ITP: toulbar2 -- An exact optimization solver for Graphical Models. Bug#780525: ITP: xwrited -- display write and wall messages as desktop notifications Bug#780586: ITP: node-sprintf-js -- JavaScript sprintf implementation Bug#780593: ITP: python-oslo.policy -- RBAC policy enforcement library for OpenStack Bug#780608: ITP: freelan -- P2P VPN daemon Bug#780652: ITP: node-concat-map -- concatenative mapdashery for Node.js Bug#780655: ITP: node-balanced-match -- Match balanced character pairs in Node.js Bug#780660: ITP: node-brace-expansion -- Brace expansion as known from sh/bash for Node.js Bug#780663: ITP: wsgicors -- WSGI middleware to handle CORS preflight requests Bug#780669: ITP: neutron-lbaas -- OpenStack Load Balancer as a Service Bug#780682: ITP: python-ruffus -- Python computation pipeline library widely used in bioinformatics Bug#780694: ITP: node-nomnom -- Option parser with generated usage and commands for Node.js Bug#780698: ITP: node-coffeeify -- browserify plugin for coffee-script Bug#780699: ITP: node-convert-source-map -- Converts a source-map between formats Bug#780806: ITP: py3status -- extensible i3status wrapper Bug#780840: ITP: python-beanbag -- Helper module for accessing REST APIs Bug#780876: ITP: node-escape-string-regexp -- Escape RegExp special characters in Node.js Bug#780879: ITP: node-has-ansi -- Check if a string has ANSI escape codes in Node.js Bug#780886: ITP: node-get-stdin -- Easier stdin for Node.js Bug#780887: ITP: python-hammock -- Rest APIs python client Bug#780890: ITP: node-jsonfile -- Easily read/write JSON files in Node.js Bug#780893: ITP: confargparse -- integrated argument/configuration file parser that follows the syntax of argparser Bug#780909: ITP: node-nextback -- Node.js module to wrap callbacks in async Bug#780913: ITP: node-absolute-path -- Node.js 0.11.x path.isAbsolute as a separate module Bug#780919: ITP: node-request-progress -- Node.js module to track the download progress of a request Bug#780922: ITP: node-throttleit -- Throttle a function in Node.js Bug#780929: ITP: python2-pythondialog -- Python 2 module for making simple terminal-based user interfaces Bug#780963: ITP: skydns -- DNS service discovery for etcd Bug#781000: ITP: libpandoc-elements-perl -- create and process Pandoc documents Bug#781027: ITP: nodepool -- nodepool a system to launch disposable OpenStack VM for testing purposes Bug#781041: ITP: metastudent-data-3 -- predictor of Gene Ontology terms from protein sequence - data #3 Bug#781046: ITP: libmoox-role-logger-perl -- provide logging via Log::Any Bug#781052: ITP: liblog-any-adapter-screencoloredlevel-perl -- send logs to screen with colorized messages according to level Bug#781079: ITP: barbican -- OpenStack Key Management Service Bug#781117: ITP: paflib -- PAFLib is a library which exposes Power Architecture Facilities to userspace Bug#781149: ITP: python-mistralclient -- OpenStack Workflow as a Service client Bug#781154: ITP: libphpcpp -- a C++ library for developing PHP extensions Bug#781173: ITP: crmsh -- Command-line interface for High-Availability cluster management on GNU/Linux systems Bug#781183: ITP: libsemver-perl -- Perl implementation of the Semantic Versioning 1.0.0 Specification Bug#781189: ITP: lift -- Integration and functional testing framework Bug#781263: ITP: timgm6mb-soundfont -- TimGM6mb SoundFont from MuseScore 1.3 Bug#781282: ITP: python-fuzzywuzzy -- fuzzy string matching in Python Bug#781399: ITP: libudfread -- library for reading UDF from raw devices or image files Bug#781405: ITP: -- Default in-memory adapter class Bug#781412: ITP: -- realtime application framework client Bug#781417: ITP: -- protocol parser Bug#781421: ITP: palabos -- Palabos -- open-source CFD solver based on the lattice Boltzmann method Bug#781426: ITP: -- realtime engine behind Bug#781427: ITP: node-has-binary-data -- Test JavaScript function argument for binary data Bug#781441: ITP: libcache-lru-perl -- simple, fast implementation of LRU cache Bug#781458: ITP: -- JavaScript parser for the protocol encoding Bug#781464: ITP: node-after -- Flow control for Node.js Bug#781466: ITP: node-arraybuffer.slice -- Exports a function for slicing ArrayBuffer without polyfilling Bug#781472: ITP: node-base64-arraybuffer -- Encode/decode base64 data into ArrayBuffers Bug#781478: ITP: node-blob -- JavaScript blob constructor Bug#781486: ITP: node-has-binary -- Test if a JavaScript object contains binary data Bug#781490: ITP: node-shelljs -- Portable Unix shell commands for Node.js Bug#781500: ITP: svgwrite -- Python library to create SVG drawings Bug#781521: ITP: cpl-plugin-visir -- ESO data reduction pipeline for the VISIR instrument Bug#781522: ITP: libcatmandu-mods-perl -- modules for working with MODS data within the Catmandu framework Bug#781527: ITP: libmods-record-perl -- Perl extension for handling MODS records Bug#781541: ITP: libthread-conveyor-monitored-perl -- monitors a conveyor belt for specific content Bug#781572: ITP: python-wget -- pure Python download utility Bug#781590: ITP: plainbox-provider-piglit -- Piglit (OpenGL/OpenCL) Test Provider for Plainbox Bug#781592: ITP: r-cran-phangorn -- GNU R package for phylogenetic analysis Changing the ACL policy for alioth projects (Was: Unable to push debian-jr changes) CUT rolling release debian Re: CUT rolling release debian BUT a cautionary comment dd-list of RC buggy packages affecting Jessie debian-devel-requests unresponsive Re: Debian Installer Jessie RC 2 release Debian PHP upgrade Delete DM uploads to experimental (was: Re: CUT rolling release debian) Getting multiarch fixes unstuck Gitorious; check-all-the-things (was: Re: Misc Developer News (#38)) Re: redirection setting for DNS changes Re: devis dépliants commerciaux ITP: bitstring -- Python module for manipulation of binary data Jessie status: Need more RC bug fixes in unstable manual in sgml mass mailing usertagged bug reports Re: Misc Developer News (#38) Moving a conffile between packages new virtual package wolf3d-data oauth2 sprint at DebConf? Processed: your mail Reminder - Debian Bug Squashing Party in Salzburg/Austria - 17-19 April 2015 setlocale doesn't change the language. Why? SOLVED: setlocale doesn't change the language. Why? State of Roundcube packaging in Debian? vcs-lint (was Re: Misc Developer News (#38)) what's the difference between [s/i/m/l/k/n] ? Work-needing packages report for Mar 13, 2015 Work-needing packages report for Mar 20, 2015 Work-needing packages report for Mar 27, 2015 Work-needing packages report for Mar 6, 2015 The last update was on 16:37 GMT Wed May 01. There are 296 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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