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Re: new virtual package wolf3d-data

>> Jonathan Dowland <jmtd@debian.org>
> There's no problem coordinating
> virtual packages names if they are all generated by the same source package,
> game-data-packager; furthermore since the packages concerned are not actually
> in Debian, it doesn't seem necessary to document them in Debian policy, IMHO.
Well, wolf4sdl is in contrib; it's not clear for me if this policy is applicable or not.

Status quo is fine too; but it's nice to know what to do when the same
question will pop up again with other games
(free engine + non-free data is a common pattern).

>I forgot to add, you should probably post this to the debian-policy list,
>either as well or instead of -devel.
Ok, I just posted here first according to the instruction stated
in the authoritative list of virtual package names.


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