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Re: State of Roundcube packaging in Debian?

On 2015-03-15 21:38, John Goerzen wrote:
> On 03/14/2015 07:36 AM, Vincent Bernat wrote:
>> The main difficulty is to handle the 0.9.5 to 1.x upgrade where the
>> configuration files change.
> I assume you mean the config files change in some dramatic way; that is,
> some way that means the existing files won't work anymore?
> If that is the case, why does this have to be a big deal?  Couldn't you
> just warn people that the upgrade will break their config, point them to
> the docs, and call it good?  After all, if that is all upstream
> provides, isn't it better than nothing?

Another alternative would be to not implement the upgrade path at all,
and provide a separate roundcube-1.1 package instead, for those willing
to do the migration manually (which I'd argue is a low price to pay).

Package roundcube could become a meta-package and depend on whatever the
latest version of roundcube-X.Y is for which an automatic upgrade path
is provided, so it would start of depending on the current roundcube-0.9
and when/if the automatic upgrade path to roundcube-1.1 becomes
supported, bump the dependency to that.


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