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Re: Work-needing packages report for Mar 27, 2015

Hi -devel,

> For the following packages help is requested:
> [... massive package list ...]

is the list of packages that usually follows this line still useful for
anybody? I mean, there are packages in it like e.g. grub2 for which help
was "requested 3972 days ago"; that's more than a decade, folks! And
still, the grub2 package is updated regularly and seems to be in a
rather healthy and well-maintained state from my personal perception.

I think the signal-to-noise ration is rather low in this list. Maybe a
rule should be added that packages are dropped after, say, one year
after having requested help. If a package is still in a bad situation
after this period of time, it may reapply for the list or should maybe
get removed from testing. What do you say?



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