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Re: Work-needing packages report for Mar 27, 2015

Am Dienstag, den 31.03.2015, 12:34 +0200 schrieb Jeroen Dekkers: 
> There are some people doing their best to keep it working (kudos to

Yes, kudos to them!

> them!), but grub2 still needs a lot more help. It currently has two

Well, arguably then standing on this list for the past 11 years hasn't
helped to improve the situation very much. [Please don't get me wrong, I
don't mean to be cynic.]

> Dropping packages that need help from the help-wanted list doesn't
> solve any problem, it only hides problems and makes it even less
> likely that packages that need help get help. And removing from
> testing isn't an option for packages for which no alternative exists
> such as grub.

I see that this won't help, but I have two other suggestions that I hope
are not too far-fetched but would IMHO help to improve the usefullness
of this list:

1) Provide actual hyperlinks to the bugs in which help is requested --
in place, in this list, right next to the package name and bug number. 

Merely providing bug numbers doesn't help very much and means a lot of
copy&pasting for a potential contributor. At the end of the list the
link to https://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/help_requested is given, but
following that means you have to go through the entire list again to
find your package of interest.

2) Maybe it could be possible to tag the bugs with some keywords which
indicate the type of support that is requested.

>From the mere bug list I cannot see if the package in question needs
help with bug triaging, porting issues, documentation, l10n/i18n,
general packaging or whatever. Probably contributors are not going to
read through several dozen bug reports to get an idea of *what* they
could actually do to help in the first place.

Such keywords could get implemented by means of user-tags and the tags
get added to the WNPP list right next to the bug number.

As an example, this way, contributors could see at first glance that
e.g. package "munin" requests assistance for "bug-traging" and
"patch-forwarding" in #655889.



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