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Re: State of Roundcube packaging in Debian?

 ❦ 14 mars 2015 11:11 +0100, Dominik George <dominik.george@teckids.org> :

> I found out today that roundcube was removed from Debian testing due to
> some unfixed bugs. I investigated a bit further and found that:
>  - 1.1.0 has long been released upstream, but:
>     - the watch file never picked it up, and
>     - the package VCS is stuck at an unreleased 1.0.0
>  - A partially fixed package was uploaded to unstable in January,
>    but was not unblocked, and
>     - is not in the package VCS
> Could you please elaborate a bit on the state of Roundcube in Debian,
> and what I (or others) could do to get it straight again?

The package is team-maintained but none of the maintainers have time to
take care of Roundcube. Hence, the removal from Jessie. The main
difficulty is to handle the 0.9.5 to 1.x upgrade where the configuration
files change.

It is unlikely anything will happen until a new maintainer steps in the
team. I have written this just today:


The upload in unstable without being in the VCS is just that I don't
want to spend unecessary time to understand how to handle correctly the
exclusion of (unused) non-DFSG files with gbp. Maybe that's just a
matter of using --uscan. Maybe not.
Each module should do one thing well.
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