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Re: manual in sgml

Hello Riley, thanks for your prompt reply.

Meanwhile I realized that it is a linuxdoc document:
what I need can be found in the following page:


On 09/03/15 20:49, Riley Baird wrote:
>> the manual of my package is written in SGML language.
>> I guess that it may be translate into a more readable format:
>> What is the best Debian way to convert it in HTML and/or PDF (via LaTeX) ?
> I recently had to deal with this problem myself, when packaging the
> documentation for granule. If there are Makefiles distributed with the
> SGML, it might be easier, but otherwise, you can just use the relevant
> commands.
> Firstly, you should install the docbook-utils package. Then, for html,
> you can use the command "db2html -i online path/to/file.sgml"
> As for PDF and PS formats, I'm not sure. You might be able to use other
> tools in the docbook-utils package, though.

Best wishes,

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