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Re: manual in sgml

On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 3:17 AM, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

> the manual of my package is written in SGML language.
> I guess that it may be translate into a more readable format:
> What is the best Debian way to convert it in HTML and/or PDF (via LaTeX) ?

It sounds like this is a manual that is only available in Debian? If
so please talk to upstream about including it and ask what format they
would prefer for documentation source. Personally I would recommend
one of the plain text formats like markdown or reStructuredText. Then
work out the conversion method. The pandoc package has a lot of
different converters. Once that is done and the documentation is
converted to upstream's preferred documentation source format, they
will need to add build-time conversion to an end-user format. In
Debian we recommend man or HTML but they probably will want different
formats depending on the platform. For example on Windows they will
probably want CHM format.



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