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Re: setlocale doesn't change the language. Why?

Quoting Joerg Desch (2015-03-12 11:08:41)
> Am Thu, 12 Mar 2015 09:29:01 +0100 schrieb Tomas Pospisek:
> > /etc/locale.gen
> > 
> > Also 'man locale'
> > *t
> OK, the package "locales" wasn't installed by the embedded 
> distribution.
> After installing locales and selecting "en_GB.UTF8" as default, my 
> sample still not use "de_DE.UTF8". So I've called dpkg-reconfigure 
> locales and chosen de_DE.UTF8 as a default. No I can switch to it.
> But does that mean, that I only can switch between the default 
> language and none? It enhanced the sample to try es_ES.UTF8 without a 
> reconfigure locales and it doesn't work.

It probably means that only locales actually created (default or not) on 
the system works.

An alternative to installing package "locales" and enabling locales via 
debconf is to install package "locales-all".

 - Jonas

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