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Re: what's the difference between [s/i/m/l/k/n] ?

On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 1:54 PM, lumin wrote:

> When learning on how to package software,
> I am confused about what's the difference between the
> essence of [s/i/m/l/k/n].
> (single binary, indep binary, multiple binary, ...)

This sounds like a question for debian-mentors.

> the man page of dh_make(8) briefly explained what the diff
> between them __without_revealing_the_essence__.

Could you explain what you mean by "essence"?

> As lacking of documentation, I wonder that,
> if [s/i/m/l/k/n] only affects debian/control and affect nothing except
> for control?

I would suggest looking at the files section of the dh_make manual
page, which tells you where the templates for the different types of
source packages are located. You can then use diff/meld/etc to compare
the different templates.



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