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Re: Delete

On Sat, 2015-03-28 at 10:03 -0500, Mehdi wrote:
> Hello ,i have a question about my pc,I bought a pc with original
> operation windows 7 almost one year ago then my internet become slow
> after that i give my pc to my friend to fix it ,now i see that he
> totally change the operation without ask me ,now when i start my pc i
> dont see any windows 7 comes up ,i see just debian linux 7.8 .so can
> you help me that i can delete linux and restore my windows 7 as
> original?!!! I really dont know that what do i have to do?

Debian can coexist with Windows.  If your friend installed it in this
way, when you start the computer you should see a menu titled 'GNU GRUB'
that lists both Debian and Windows as options.  You can use the keyboard
to select the operating system to run, but if you do not press a key
within a few seconds then the default operating system will be run.

If Windows is not listed in the menu, it has probably been erased and
you will need to use Windows installation media (such as a DVD) to
reinstall it.


Ben Hutchings
Editing code like this is akin to sticking plasters on the bleeding stump
of a severed limb. - me, 29 June 1999

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