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Re: Misc Developer News (#38)

Quoting Johannes Schauer (2015-03-10 14:43:22)
> Quoting Paul Wise (2015-03-10 11:53:35)
>> There are many options that could be used, for example fusionforge, 
>> kallithea, gitolite, girocco, allura, launchpad, redmine etc.
> since I'm also affected by the closing of gitorious, I thought this 
> would be the best time to move all my code to a DFSG-free self-hosted 
> solution (including all the stuff currently on github). In the process 
> of searching for a server-side software I like, I took the liberty to 
> extend this wiki page with a section for "Software project hosting":
> https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/LeavingTheCloud
> Please help to extend and fix this list to get a nice overview of what 
> solutions are available in Debian right now and which solutions need 
> some packaging love :)

I don't know all those services, but would be surprised if e.g. 
launchpad exists as code for self-hosting.  Don't get me wrong: I would 
be _happy_ to stand corrected!

FreedomBox is a project to replace hosted services with self-hosting.

Please either add link to the *code* for *self-hosting* for each of the 
services you added, or move that list to a separate wiki page to avoid 


 - Jonas

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