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Gitorious; check-all-the-things (was: Re: Misc Developer News (#38))

Hi Paul,

me again. ;-)

Paul Wise wrote:
> Gitorious and Codehaus closing
> ------------------------------
>  Both and Gitorious and Codehaus are closing soon. Gitorious will[1] shut
>  down at the end of May and Codehaus will[2] be removing projects from
>  April 2nd onwards (most around May 17th).

Codehaus already has a horribly slow main page... Never really heard
of them before, though. (I'm always thinking of Spamhaus when reading
its name. :-)

>  There are quite a number of projects in Debian that use Gitorious
>  or Codehaus for their hosting. Folks who maintain packages whose
>  upstream projects use Gitorious or Codehaus might want to talk to
>  their upstreams about where they will move to and or backup code
>  repositories and other data.

For those hosted on Gitorious, you can import them quite easily to
Gitlab.com. Import is though still a little buggy, but should be fixed
once the fix is deployed to Gitlab.com:

> Help check all the things!
> --------------------------
>  check-all-the-things is a tool to check all of the things, well, most of
>  them, well, some of the ones related to an unpacked or post-build source
>  package or VCS repository anyway.

Sounds like a nice idea and will probably replace many homebrewed
scripts and check lists. Looking forward to it.

>  If you know of a tool in Debian it could wrap, please commit a
>  checker, send a patch or a link.

I'm missing license-reconcile here which checks licensecheck's output
against debian/copyright (and seems to can do some more stuff).

Maybe "isutf8" from the package moreutils could also provide some
useful checks. I've though just filed a bug against lintian (#780180)
to do some more UTF-8 checks, so this may be superfluous soonish.

		Regards, Axel
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