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[no subject] #124169: snort: Lack of logging to /var/log/secure in default setup & log permissions (A list of all such bugs used to be available). (no subject) (off topic - visit to Zurich) *conf should Suggest configlet-frontends (was Re: localeconf package) /sys/types.h /var/games/package must be 770 <광고>아름다운 초상화 연필로 그리기 Re: curiosità , foto strane e non solo ...! Re: curiosità , foto strane e non solo ...! Virus Alert [광고] 신규 머천트 안내입니다.. Re: [2002-02-16] Release Status Update Re: [2002-02-22] Release Status Update [Bug#133078] Displaying images [Debcon AU] Some pictures. Re: [E-devel] RFC: E 0.17 Cursor Code [ device3dfx-source] Fwd: [mico-devel] gcc 3.0.4 Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] phpGroupWare Debian packages available [RFC] GNU autoconf and dpkg-architecture [광 고]난!! 리셀러가 알고싶다. [광 고]★플래쉬 파크★ [광고] 이사역경매 080-3651-2424 [광고]무료회원으로 가입 하시면 멤버쉽골드카드를 드립니다. [이쁜광고]달빛곰 뽀야? 이제는 침실의 필수품입니다. AA fonts in KDE 3.0 adding cram_md5 authentication to exim adding new users for web stuff ae bug reporters e-mail address Again: MusixTex Re: Akka & Debian Arabic translation? Akka - Arabic Console package allocation of username "twikidat" for twiki package (per 11.9) anyone have training slides for debian packaging lecture? aptidude aptitude for expanding tasks Architectures to be released ARPACK and ARPACK++ ATI Work [Toronto, Canada] Bad Package Maintainer Email Address binfmt_misc bookmarker bug is not closed BTS Re: Bug in sysklogd with pipe Bug reports closed by spammers Re: Bug#127236: Compiling freeswan Bug#129604: WORLDS FIRST Player vs Player Blackjack Re: Bug#130558: Bug-Squashing Party #7 report Bug#131846: general: Locale definition for sr_YU is not correct Bug#132016: ITP: libapache-mod-lisp -- An Apache module that interfaces with Lisp environments Bug#132063: ITP: tusb3210-tools -- Tools for interfacing with the TUSB3210 dev-board. Bug#132255: ITP: libxmldb* -- xmldb aims to provide an easy-to-use efficient 3-tier app server. Bug#132299: ITP: tidev-modules-source -- tidev device drivers, source package Bug#132325: ITP: tdl -- Todo list manager Re: Bug#132339: ircII loads all sorts of stuff from ~ Bug#132497: ITP: kernel-patch-debianlogo -- Display a Debian logo on a framebuffer device at boottime Bug#132503: ITP: ikeyd -- Daemon for handling special Apple laptop hotkeys Bug#132505: debian status script(s) Re: Bug#132528: realplayer: Buffer Overrun Exploit Bug#132570: ITP: bitkeeper -- a distributed source management system [non-free] Bug#132605: ITP: tuxkart -- A 3D GoKart racing game. Bug#132661: ITP: gkrellm-alltraxclock -- An analogic clock plugin for GKrellM Bug#132666: ITP: medicine-howto -- Documentation links to free software for medical science Bug#132667: ITP: med-dent -- Debian Med packages for dental practice Bug#132668: ITP: med-bio-contrib -- Debian Med bioinformatics packages (contrib and non-free) Bug#132669: ITP: med-bio -- Debian Med bioinformatics packages Bug#132670: ITP: med-doc -- Debian Med documentation packages Re: Bug#132767: debsum support should be mandatory Bug#132861: ITP: frozen-bubble -- Pop out the bubbles ! Bug#132871: ITP: libterm-shell-perl -- Perlmodule to make Shell-like interfaces (Term::Shell) Bug#132881: info: /usr/info/dir is moved before install-info is updated Bug#132882: ITP: mono -- MSIL/CIL Just In Time compiler implemented using a BURS instruction selector. Bug#132885: ITP: mcs -- C# compiler Bug#132886: ITP: p0f -- passive OS fingerprinting tool Re: Bug#132908: ITP: stamp -- a time-stamping utility for webcam images Bug#132908: ITP: stamp -- a time-stamping utility for webcam images Bug#132919: ITP: xsupplicant -- 802.1x supplicant (client) Bug#132923: ITP: php-gtk -- PHP-GTK is a PHP extension that enables you to write client-side, cross-platform GUI applications. Bug#132980: O: php4 -- A server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language Bug#133005: RFP: passivetex -- TeX macros to process XSL formatting objects Bug#133083: ITP: gruftistats -- generate a web page of statistics about an IRC channel Bug#133101: ITP: diffmon -- Watches system configuration files (or anything, really) and emails when a diff when it notices a change. Bug#133224: ITP: scmxx -- Exchange data with Siemens mobile phones Bug#133293: [RFA]: efax -- Programs to send and receive fax messages Bug#133296: [RFA]: a2ps -- GNU a2ps "anything to postscript" converter Bug#133417: general: php4, gallery being removed on dist-upgrade Bug#133423: ITP: ctcs -- a free, modular and extensible test suite for testing hardware Bug#133475: ITP: xsel -- access the X selection buffer from the command line Bug#133599: ITP: alicq -- Flexible ICQ client in pure Tcl/Tk Re: Bug#133649: ITP: cm-super -- cm-super is a collection of Type1 fonts. . Bug#133649: ITP: cm-super -- cm-super is a collection of Type1 fonts. . Bug#133698: ITP: maketool -- simple GTK+ based GUI front end for GNU make Re: Bug#133790: dhcp-client continues running after removal Bug#133824: ITP: smokeping -- SmokePing is a latency logging and graphing system Bug#133835: wnpp: ITP: libexif -- library to parse an EXIF file Bug#133843: ITP: spectrum-rom -- ZX Spectrum ROM Bug#133911: ITP: libnbio-java -- NBIO: Nonblocking I/O for Java Bug#133989: ITP: webrick - Simple HTTP Server Toolkit for Ruby Bug#134069: general: /usr/lib/bookmarker/lib/ is word readable Bug#134132: ITP: KDirAdm -- LDAP Directory Management Tool for KDE Bug#134134: ITP: libwvstreams3 -- WvStreams C++ Network Communications Layer for Rapid Application Development Bug#134333: ITP: pgi -- Progeny graphical installer creation system Bug#134360: ITP: emacs-tiny-tools -- Collection of small libraries for Emacs Bug#134430: Are you using etherconf? Bug#134430: etherconf overwriting various configuration files Bug#134430: oops Bug#134546: ITP: tuxnes -- An emulator for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System Bug#134548: RFA: cvs Bug#134598: ITP: t-prot -- display filter for RFC822 messages Bug#134621: ITP: libphp-phplot -- PHP library for dynamic scientific, business and stock-market charts Re: Bug#134658: ITP: lsb -- Linux Standard Base 1.1 core support package RE: Bug#134658: ITP: lsb -- Linux Standard Base 1.1 core support package Bug#134658: ITP: lsb -- Linux Standard Base 1.1 core support package Bug#134668: ITP: magnus -- Computational group theory software with GUI Bug#134767: ITP: frost -- graphical file sharing and messaging client for Freenet Bug#134770: ITP: hexxagon -- Hexagonal Ataxx Clone for GTK Re: Bug#134774: slapd: fails to install Re: Bug#134784: xfree86: Source package 4.1.0-14 doesn't build on woody/testing Bug#134787: ITP: cpuid -- a program to get CPUID of Intel and AMD x86 processors Bug#134840: ITP: python-bio -- Python tools for computational molecular biology Bug#134859: ITP: python-bio-doc -- Documentation and examples for Bio Python Modules Bug#134915: ITP: openmosix -- A fork from the current mosix packages Bug#134980: ITP: dvr -- Digital Video Recorder Bug#135004: general: cyclic symlink under /etc/X11 prevents backups Bug#135004: marked as done (general: cyclic symlink under /etc/X11 prevents backups) Bug#135048: ITP: ssed -- Super-sed is a heavily enhanced version of sed Bug#135088: ITP: gksu -- Gtk+ frontend to su and sudo Bug#135092: ITP: gksu -- a su and sudo frontend to X using gtk Bug#135213: ITP: solarwolf -- Collect the boxes and don't become mad Bug#135266: ITP: radiuscontext -- radius log analyzer and report generator Re: Bug#135273: popularity-contest: overwrites a conffile without prior notice Bug#135300: ITP: php-imlib -- PHP Imlib2 Extension Bug#135349: ITP: ov511-source -- Device driver for the OV511, a USB-only chip used in many webcams. Re: Bug#135357: ITP: galeon-beta -- Galeon webbrowser (gnome) - development versions Bug#135357: ITP: galeon-beta -- Galeon webbrowser (gnome) - development versions Bug#135564: general: Consistencia de localepurge con eurocastellanizar Bug#135611: ITP: affiche -- GNUstep 'stick-it' program Bug#135617: ITP: picogui -- a lightweight client/server GUI system Bug#135620: ITP: lusernet -- newsreader for GNUstep Re: Bug#135663: htdig: postrm hangs when purging (is this maintained anyway?) Bug#135718: ITP: valgrind -- a memory debugger for x86-linux Bug#135789: ITP: preferences -- GNUstep Bug#135814: ITP: liboop -- Event loop management library Bug#135970: ITP: affiche -- application to "stick" little notes on the desktop. Bug#135979: ITP: yydecode -- decode yEnc archives Bug#136004: ITP: resmed-doc -- Collection of requirements on medical software Bug#136061: ITP: bricolage -- mod_perl based content management system Bug#136132: ITP: devhelp-books -- books for the devhelp system Bug#136174: ITP: libxtm-perl -- Perl module for reading/writing Topic Maps Bug#136175: ITP: libfile-slurp-perl -- single call read & write file routines Bug#136225: general: GDM unable to start Gnome session Re: Bug#71251: tmpreaper better than tmpwatch without a doubt. Re: Bug-Squashing Party #7 report bug: gtkgrepmail bugs tagged "sid" Bugs that affect YOU Building GMT - could somebody verify this problem? building mutt SSL deb package (configure error) The last update was on 06:49 GMT Mon May 18. There are 2259 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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