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Re: Bug#134658: ITP: lsb -- Linux Standard Base 1.1 core support package

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 09:11:14AM -0600, VomLehn, David wrote:
> I would urge some caution here. If I were to guess at a reason as to why
> bin has uid/gid of 1, I would suspect that some application
> installations use 1 as the bin uid/gid instead of looking it up. This
> may not be good practices, but the LSB work is primarily focused on
> codifying current practices, good or not.

No, it's not. The LSB is focussed on codifying practices that can be used
to install third party software on any distribution of Linux. Assuming
the uid of the bin user is 1, is not one of those practices, and it
should never have been codified.

This change will not make any distribution non-conformant, and since
there are absolutely no LSB compliant apps at present, won't break any
of them, either.


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