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Re: [RFC] GNU autoconf and dpkg-architecture

>>"Marcus" == Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> writes:

 Marcus> This is my revised set of example of what to do:

 Marcus> For autoconf2.52 and later: (this is WRONG for older autoconf)

 Marcus> For autoconf 2.13: (this will generate a warning
 Marcus> if used with autoconf 2.52, but will still work until autoconf 3)
 Marcus> For I-don't-care-and-don't-know-what-I-am-doing: (might not
 Marcus> work for some packages) 
 Marcus> confflags += --build $(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE) --host $(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE)

 Marcus> The last one is safe autoconf-wise (works with any version),
 Marcus> but might not be safe package-wise (some older packages might
 Marcus> choke on the build arch being specified).

	So what are we supposed to do then? grep for the autoconf
 version that generated the configure script in the rules?

AUTOCONF_VERSION:=$(shell grep "Generated automatically using autoconf" \
                    configure | sed -e 's/^.*autoconf version //g')
HAVE_NEW_AUTOMAKE:=$(shell if [ $(AUTOCONF_VERSION) -ge 2.13 ]; then \
                             echo 'YES' ; fi)
ifneq($(strip $(HAVE_NEW_AUTOMAKE)),)
confflags += --build $(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE)
  confflags += --host $(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE)
   confflags += $(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE)
   confflags += --build $(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE) --host $(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE)

   Or something like that? This is painful in the extreme.

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