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Re: [RFC] GNU autoconf and dpkg-architecture

On Tue, 05 Feb 2002, Michael Piefel wrote:
> Am  4.02.02 um 22:29:58 schrieb Steve M. Robbins:
> > One thing that "configure" does differently when you specify --host=foo
> > is that it will use "foo-gcc" in preference to "gcc", and similar with
> > other build tools.  Presumably no-one has a compiler named "foo-gcc",
> > but you never know.  There could be nasty surprises in store.
> I have. I regularly provide Windows versions of some tools we develop by
> cross-compiling them with mingw32. It has a whole bunch of binaries that
> look like foo-gcc.

For foo being w32 (or whatever is the GNU archname for winblows)?

foo-gcc MUST be the correct compiler for arch foo, as per the
cross-compiling practices :P  If it is not, well... it is a bug on YOUR

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