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Bug#132299: ITP: tidev-modules-source -- tidev device drivers, source package

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

I intend to package 3 kernel modules, namely tipar.o, tiser.o,
tiusb.o. The tidev-modules-source package will allow the administrator
to generate a package with custom-built modules, as do i2c-source or
lm-sensors-source and others.

These 3 drivers will allow any user[1] to use TiLP (see #131087) without
the superuser privileges.

The libticables3 (not yet released) package will build-depend on it.

URL              : http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tidev/ (tipar, tiser)
                   http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_usb/ (tiusb)
Upstream authors : Romain Lievin <rlievin@mail.com>
                   Julien Blache <jb@technologeek.org>
License          : GPL

Test package available on http://people.debian.org/~jblache/

If nobody objects, I will upload this package in a few days.


[1] Depending on the permissions, of course.

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