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aptitude for expanding tasks

On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 11:49:41AM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> It's doincludes.pl in tasksel cvs. It just implements a weak include
> mechanism though, so #include kde is expanded to its dependencies, at
> build time.

ok.  i'll have a look.

> aptitude does this. See the tasks item at the bottom of its main menu.
> --\ Tasks
>   --- Development
>   --\ End-user
>     --\ Debian Jr.
> p     junior-arcade                                         <none>    1.6
> p     junior-art                                            <none>    1.2
> p     junior-doc                                            <none>    1.10      
> p     junior-games-card                                     <none>    1.3

Sort of.  Two problems:

- i want the task to contain everything but have three of the elements
  (junior-internet which is in non-US, junior-kde, and junior-gnome)
  not selected by default.  unfortunately, the current Debian Jr. task
  achieves this by simply not having those three meta packages included,
  and the user must install the "extras" later by hand (dselect,
  apt-get, aptitude, whatever ... i only mention the first two in the

- aptitude isn't available at Debian install time.  will it ever be a
  part of boot-floppies (say, post-woody?)

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