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Fwd: [mico-devel] gcc 3.0.4


I was wondering if this patch was applied to the gcc 3.0.4 package.
It seems that it would help compiling mico using 3.0.4

Otherwise it seems that pr3145.patch solves most of the problems with mico and 
since it is applied on debian packages that's cool !

on a side note
what about mico 2.3.6 ? it has been out for quite some time now. Any plans for 
2.3.6 debian packages? 
There is a also the micosec project htttp://www.micosec.org which is an 
implementation of the  CORBA security framework on top of MICO(2.3.6). It 
might be interesting.

Best regards

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Subject: [mico-devel] gcc 3.0.4
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 12:27:17 +0100
From: 520065607613-0001@t-online.de (Frank Pilhofer)
To: Mico Development <mico-devel@mico.org>


 just wanted to let you know that gcc 3.0.4 seems to work well with
Mico (IDL compiler does not core dump any more), as long as you apply
the PR3145 patch that's in the contrib directory.

 I also needed the attached patch to work. So you need to go to gcc's
source directory and do

   patch -p0 < contrib/PR3145.patch
   patch -p0 < gcc-3.0.4.patch

 *before* building gcc.


Frank Pilhofer  ...........................................  fp@fpx.de
How is it that people looking for a helping hand tend to overlook
the one at the end of their arm? - Alfred E. Neuman


| Christophe Prud'homme, http://augustine.mit.edu/~prudhomm
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| one can subtract.
*** gcc/cp/search.c.orig	Tue Feb 26 09:31:37 2002
--- gcc/cp/search.c	Tue Feb 26 09:31:43 2002
*** 474,479 ****
--- 474,480 ----
    for (i = TREE_VEC_LENGTH (bases); i--;)
+       base_kind bk;
        tree base_binfo = TREE_VEC_ELT (bases, i);
        int this_non_public = is_non_public;
        int this_virtual = is_virtual;
*** 494,500 ****
        if (TREE_VIA_VIRTUAL (base_binfo))
  	this_virtual = 1;
!       base_kind bk = lookup_base_r (base_binfo, base,
  				    access, within_current_scope,
  				    this_non_public, this_virtual,
--- 495,501 ----
        if (TREE_VIA_VIRTUAL (base_binfo))
  	this_virtual = 1;
!                 bk = lookup_base_r (base_binfo, base,
  				    access, within_current_scope,
  				    this_non_public, this_virtual,

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