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[no subject] .jigdo files for sid 3.0r6 md5 hashes FORMAS DE CONTACTAR CON EL SERVICIO DE ATENCI?N AL CLIENTE BUG in 3.1r0a CD iso Хотите чтобы к Вам пришли новые покупатели? Как найти клиента без Нас? Incorrect md5sums with 3.1_r0a/i386/iso-dvd about graphics... advice on a problem with "official" DVDs amd64 build AMD64 CDs and DVDs released Any Software just in under $15-$99, Xp-adobe etc Binaries Boa Noite Broken Link Broken link on debian page Re: BUG in 3.1r0a CD iso Bug report regarding XKB in debian 3.1r0a Sarge Bug#185238: marked as done (CD images misinterpreted under windows) Bug#249386: marked as done (debian-cd: Sarge CD1 jigdo file lacks matching kernel-headers/source package) Bug#285888: American Business Directory Available Bug#301345: marked as done (debian-cd: depends on netpbm and syslinux) Bug#306926: marked as done (debian-cd: amd64 CD1 is missing nearly all udebs) Bug#311558: marked as done (no l10n installation manuals on Sarge) Bug#311925: debian-cd: Please add this pegasos support forth script to make booting debian-installer easier Bug#312350: Release files on netinst/businesscard cds cause apt-config to try to get testing security sources Bug#312350: marked as done ( Release files on netinst/businesscard cds cause apt-config to try to get testing security sources) Bug#312519: BitTorrent tracker doesn't know about 3.1r0a torrents Bug#312604: automate README file to say final release are final, not devel versions Bug#312723: Can't DL two binary images. Bug#312723: CD image down load error 404 Bug#312723: iso-cd/debian-31r0a-i386-binary-7.iso gives 404: Not Found. Bug#312723: marked as done ( iso-cd/debian-31r0a-i386-binary-7.iso gives 404: Not Found.) Bug#312723: iso-cd/debian-31r0a-i386-binary-7.iso gives 404: Not Found. Bug#312906: README.html warns that sarge images are unofficial/unstable Bug#312906: README.html warns that sarge images are unofficial/unstable Bug#313150: marked as done (netinstall for sarge points to testing) Bug#313150: netinstall for sarge points to testing Bug#313613: md5sum has moved, please update burning the downloaded images Buy Cheap PC Software from Special Reserve. Can't draw a straight line? you can! CD boot Re: CD Pages checkiso 1.46 copertina cd sarge Re: Daily CD install names Debian 3.1r0 CD/DVD image problem Re: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 updated (r6) Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 CD/DVD images updated (r0a) debian on cd - broken link Debian-cd Debian-CD mirrors that have 3.1_r0, but not 3.1_r0a debian-cd_2.2.22_i386.changes ACCEPTED Does 8incches Enough 4 U? D8B Download and Buy CDS all software under $15-$99 Downloading Sarge with Bittorrent Re[4]: English for you! Hettema Every man must have a sex! MUST!!! FAQ (debian-doc package) update in preparation for the imminent release free linux cd free linux cds Fully functional, unrestricted copy of the software. Get MORE results with LESS efforts. Re: Generic ED drugs directly from manufacturer. help Hi cuteypie. This is of course JJ girl from the on line dating thing Hiya honey. It is Hottie J from the web dating service horsin' honeys that never shave or trim! Hot for Debian r6 :o) FWD: how many bugs in 3.1r0? How to update links on CD part of website? HOWTO Make a new netinstall CD! does not contain valid ISO-images I Need Woody CD / DVD Including Sarge Release Notes on first CDs Incomplete dvd iso Incorrect Jigdo FTP paths for Sarge CD/DVD releases Re: Incorrect md5sums with 3.1_r0a/i386/iso-dvd Re: ISO File Content: jigdo files for woody Last debian-cd upload before sarge Re: Layout for sarge release Leading in affordable healthcare... we care for you! Let your computer be the PRO! link non trovato A list of broken mirrors Re: A list of broken mirrors (fwd) Make your life full of grand impressions! Marillat's repositories meds missing link to torrents No "stable" BitTorrents? One pill can change all your ideas about sex! Photos, drawings, graphics...learn to create them...then share them all... Plans for debian-cd Please Send Linux Problems with downloading debian-31r0a-arm-binary-4.iso and debian-31r0a-arm-binary-7.iso using bittorrent Processed: Re: Bug#311143: installation-reports Processed: Re: Bug#316205: Bug in package: apt-file or Debian DVD ISO Images Processed: reassign 311558 to debian-cd Processed: reassign 312878 to debian-cd Processed: reassign 312930 to debian-cd Processed: reassign 313150 to debian-cd Processing of debian-cd_2.2.22_i386.changes profile and full Release notes for amd64 available somewhere? Sarge DVD labels sarge dvd-iso Re: sarge install report Sarge Netinst points still to testing Segmentation fault during boot - debian-31r0a-i386-netinst.iso services Should Debian_on_CD FAQ be updated? Sizes of netinst/businesscard images Softwares CDS all software under $15 and $99! Strange apt-cdrom add behavior with a DVD iso image Take the office with you where ever you go... Re: Re: testing net install cd image TODO for Sarge: address #249386 - kernel-headers on CD1 unpacking .deb on SuSE Re: was rechristened pioneer We want to be a mirror Webpage forgotten reformulation Why are online drugs popular Woody netinst business official cds existence??? Your premier source for all ATI powered gear. zsync for installer images The last update was on 07:43 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 253 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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