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burning the downloaded images

I'm a relative newbie to Linux and I had some problems 
burning the images. So here's some tips for the cd faq 
First, for K3b one should use 'tools > cd > burn cd image' 
in stead of the icon-options in the bottom screen.  
Secondly, it might help to point out that what is to 
appear on the cd is not downloaded file itself. If people 
see that on the cd they'll know why it doesn't boot (yes, 
I speak from experience, shame on me!). Instead, they 
should get a number of files and directories on the cd.  
Finally, it's worth pointing out that the unpacking of the 
iso image during burning takes time, so it's better to 
select a lower burning speed (at least, I assume that's 
the reason it went wrong for me the first time). 
By the way, I have an Athlon 64, but I've downloaded the 
i386 version, and I'll wait for the release of Etch to get 
full 64 bit support. Does that make sense? 
Dirk van der Made 

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