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BUG in 3.1r0a CD iso

Concerned : Debian 3.1 (r0a too) i386 iso CD's (others haven't been

File : README.html

Section : Last Minute Notes

Problem : Even if Debian "Sarge" 3.1 is now the stable version of
Debian, Last Minute Notes say :
"Last-Minute Notes
You should keep in mind that this is an unofficial CD of the current
development version of the Debian system. This means that all sorts of
bugs may be present anywhere in the system. "

The problem has been found in all ISO CD images of i386 Debian 3.1
(and 3.1 r0a), provided by ftp.nl.debian.org and ftp2.fr.debian.org.
(others haven't been tested).

Don't know if it's a bug but README.html of 3.1r0a CD's is titled
"Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 r0 "Sarge"" instead of "3.1 r0a".

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