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Re: Debian 3.1r0 CD/DVD image problem

On Tue, 7 Jun 2005 12:14:58 +0100 Colin Watson wrote:

> A bug has been discovered in the 3.1r0 CD/DVD images:
> New 3.1r0a images will be available shortly to correct this flaw. In
> the meantime, CD vendors should delay pressing CDs or DVDs of Debian
> 3.1. We apologise for the inconvenience.

There is another (minor) issue that I noticed in the Debian GNU/Linux
3.1 r0 "Sarge" - Official i386 Binary-1 CD.

File /cdrom/README.html includes the following note:

| Last-Minute Notes
| * You should keep in mind that this is an unofficial CD of the current
| development version of the Debian system. This means that all sorts of
| bugs may be present anywhere in the system.

This is not true anymore[1], as the README.html file is now in an
*officially released* CD image...

Note that I didn't have enough time to dig the BTS or the mailing list
archives and check whether this issue is already a known one: I
apologize for the noise, if this is the case...

Also note the Mail-Followup-To header: I would like to be Cc:ed on
replies since I'm not a debian-cd subscriber. Thanks.

Thank you for the great job in helping the Sarge release!  :) 

[1] well, at least the first part! bugs obviously (and unfortunately)
may be present even in released versions of the Debian system!  ;-)  

    :-(   This Universe is buggy! Where's the Creator's BTS?   ;-)
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