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Re: TODO for Sarge: address #249386 - kernel-headers on CD1

On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 08:55:14PM +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> In the end, we've managed to get kernel-headers on CD#1 for i386
> easily, and will do the same on amd64, but on other arches:
>  a) there's not much point
>  b) it screwed up tasks
> so we didn't do it for any others. I hope that does what you need...

Thanks Steve!

That'd be enough to get me out of most scrapes at Installfests from now
on. Will I need to remind you of this again for 3.1r1, or has this been
added to the future image generation procedure now?

Andrew "Netsnipe" Lau

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