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checkiso 1.46

The latest version of checkiso is at

checkiso is a program for checking a Debian CD image after burning it.
To do that, simply do:

and the program will look at all CD drives in the system and check all
discs it finds.

checkiso also does more than this.  It can check disk images and CDs
(Debian or not) and compare the results with an internal database of CD
signatures.  The internal database comprises all the Debian discs up to
3.1.0.  For example, one can do:
   checkiso *.iso

If it cannot find a signature in the internal database, it looks in the
current and parent directory for an MD5SUMS file in the format currently
distributed by Debian, or an axplicit file name can be given as an

checkiso can also be used to generate the signature of a known good CD
image or CD disc.  This can be useful to Debian if it is decided to
change the format of the MD5SUMS files, or it can be used by anyone for
making a database of signatures of their own CDs, so they can be later
checked for emerging defects.

checkiso is released under the GPL, so anyone is free to modify it.

	   **************** warning for DVDs ****************
Currently, checkiso cannot be used to check Debian DVDs, because they
use the same Volid as the CDs, and checkiso does not have the ability to
differentiate among them.  I'd like to ask the Debian-CD people to care
and use different Volid's for CDs and DVDs.

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