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Re: Plans for debian-cd

>>>>> "goswin" == Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:

    raphael> But imho, that's the main point of using beeing able to
    raphael> download package instead of using a local mirror. So I'm
    raphael> still completely in favor of a rewrite so that debian-cd
    raphael> can download the required packages.
    >>  Yes, this makes more sense to me since you can still use the
    >> local mirror and then we have the good of both Worlds :D

    goswin> Reprepro can already combine several sources into one
    goswin> mirror already. I use that to merge debian with
    goswin> debian-amd64 without duplicate sources and _all.deb files
    goswin> localy. Debmirror2 will also have that ability.

    debpartial-mirror on rewrite branch already has that ability too.

    goswin> Debian-Installer does use apt-get to download udebs and
    goswin> debs and has to do some dirty hacking to get it to work
    goswin> because the udeb depends are broken a lot. I used the same
    goswin> mechanism to build netinst CD for amd64 prior to debian-cd
    goswin> doing proper builds and overall it hasn't been to
    goswin> satisfactory. So if you are still thinking of reinventing
    goswin> a mirror script for debian-cd better not use apt-get
    goswin> itself but use the apt methods directly (like reprepro
    goswin> does).

    Yes, I see your point.

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