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Re: advice on a problem with "official" DVDs

also sprach roach <robert_spencer@mighty.co.za> [2005.06.11.2058 +0200]:
> I've already asked my bookshop to order that book. I saw it listed
> on http://www.debian.org/doc/books as "Sarge DVD (i386/amd64)". If
> you cancel the amd64 part I may cancel my order as that was one of
> the main selling points for me.

I am sorry.

> Can't you please have a DVD with a GRUB menu deciding which ISO to
> boot. That would allow you to have official ISOs for i386 and
> amd64 on 1 DVD.

This is what we wanted to do, but a DVD of this kind could not be
called official. Sorry, not my choice.

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