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Re: Plans for debian-cd

Raphael Hertzog <raphael@ouaza.com> writes:

> Le dimanche 19 juin 2005 à 19:02 +0200, Goswin von Brederlow a écrit :
>> Reprepro can already combine several sources into one mirror
>> already. I use that to merge debian with debian-amd64 without
>> duplicate sources and _all.deb files localy. Debmirror2 will also have
>> that ability.
> Interesting. How did you handle conflicts of packages in both sources ?
> At the mirroring level or at the debian-cd level ?

Files must be unique or identical. reprepro checks the size/md5sum and
gives an error on conflicts.

>> The problem with using apt-get is that it will always resolve depends,
>> always download all packages required to install something, can't
>> download packages that conflict in a single call and only works if no
>> inconsistencies or bugs are in the Packages files (like something
>> being uninstallable in sid as it hapens nearly every day).
> I never said we have to use "apt-get". But I thought of
> "libapt-pkg-perl" or whatever other interface to libapt.
>> mirror script for debian-cd better not use apt-get itself but use the
>> apt methods directly (like reprepro does).
> "apt methods" ? I suppose you mean an interface to libapt like I told
> above ?

/usr/lib/apt/methods/ actualy. They are used by libapt to impelement
the various protocols with a common interface.

While writing my talk for the Linuxtag I also realized that apt-move
could maybe be used. It has the ability to make mirrors too but might
needs some patching to fit perfectly.


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