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Release notes for amd64 available somewhere?


While doing some build tests of the cds for the inminent sarge release, we
(the debian-cd team) found out that there are no official amd64 release
notes, which makes sense as amd64 is not an officially released arch, but we
are wondering if you guys have release notes somewere that you'd like us to
get into the cds.

There is no problem with us building the cds without release notes, in fact
that is how we are building them right now, and given the little time you
have till the release, I suppose you don't have time to write them, so this
is pretty much asking if they are already written on any other place.

Please reply ASAP, as adding that will mean that we'll have to tweak some
things, and we wouldn't like to do it while building the release cds but
during testing.

BTW: reply also to debian-cd list, so that we read it, please.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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