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Downloading Sarge with Bittorrent


I have started to download the Sarge 3.1r0 i386 dvd, I already had
downloaded 3,9 GB of 4,4 GB.  Then I made the failure to log out and
log in again.  I restarted bittorrent and found out that the 3.1r0
torrent has been replaced by the 3.1r0_a_ torrent.  Do I really have
to download the complete DVD image again? Isn't the old i386 torrent
file still available somewhere?

Has someone downloaded the old i386 dvd torrent and is able to send it to me? 

Btw, the download of the second 3.1r0 dvd had already been finished
earlier.  Has the second DVD changed at all from 3.1r0 to 3.1r0a? Can
I use the second 3.1r0 dvd with the first 3.1r0a one?

I hope, I have not confused you all, 
Regards, Jim

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