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Re: amd64 build

On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 09:17:26AM +0200, Jan Kesten wrote:
>Hi Steve!
>> extra amd64-specific source CD. I'll look into this tonight; it may
>> need some small debian-cd hacks to make it possible, or I may build a
>> source CD by hand yet.

Hi Jan,

>I'd like to ask how it did - and how amd64 can be build. I tried myself
>some time ago and it didn't work. By now many people ask me for amd64
>images and/or jigdo-templates - so if I could get a build running I
>would do new images on a regular basis (if not daily) an publish them.

amd64 is mostly the same as any other architecture, except that at the
moment you probably need to be using one of the daily d-i builds to
get a working installer build. I've written and tested the hack for
extra "dedicated" source, and we should get the official CDs/DVDs
built soon I hope.

Once the sarge release has settled down, we're planning to do regular
builds of amd64 etch alongside the other arches.

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