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Re: How to update links on CD part of website?

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 11:37, Richard Atterer wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 01:53:58AM +0300, Delian Krustev wrote:
> > LOL. I haven't seen javascript in any d.o. page, and it would be *really*
> > nice if it stays this way. A simple unordered list will do the job
> > gracefully.
> What's wrong with JavaScript if the page also works without JavaScript?

Short version: KISS

The long one:

You'll rely on functionallity which does not have strong standards. 
Some browsers might support one or another flavour, but its incorrect
displayment might be missleading. While someone might have the time to
learn how to write portable(accross browsers) java script code, others
will likely be unable to spend(waste) this amount of time and manage
the pages later.

It might be fancy, but as a next step You might want to use flash or other
rear juicy plugins. While this appears to be ok for commersial 
organizations advertising different products, and focusing on presentation
and design, it seems totally inappropriate for d.o. 

I'm not sure whether this is mentioned somewhere within the official 
debian docs, but I'm pretty sure there has been long discussions
about it within the lists.

The problem seems similar to why kernel developers avoid e.g. C++ .
They want the code to be unambiguous and stable.


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