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Re: AMD64 CDs and DVDs released

Petr Salinger <Petr.Salinger@t-systems.cz> writes:

> Firstly, thank you very much for supporting amd64.
>> The vast majority of binary packages in the AMD64 release were built
>> from exactly the same sources as the packages for the other
>> architectures. There were a small number of exceptions, however. To
>> make life easier for distributors of AMD64 discs, the extra sources
>> needed for those packages have been added to the last binary disc in
>> each AMD64 set (i.e. CD#13 and DVD#2). Source requirements can
>> therefore be met easily for AMD64.
> I looked into jigdo files,
> and according to http://amd64.debian.net/docs/package_changes.txt
> IMHO there are more additional sources than needed.
> Really different sources, but "orig.tar.gz" are the same:
> NgBQZ4DJnsYgmk9IjC61BQ=Debian:pool/main/b/base-config/base-config_2.53.10-
> 94f_X8dm3UM78z_RmxHoHQ=Debian:pool/main/c/choose-mirror/choose-mirror_1.11-
> 8IWt8CfVbNGngpfjQYosfg=Debian:pool/main/libt/libtool1.4/libtool1.4_1.4.3-
> 877wQ-ItYI1vBTLnDb1-Yg=Debian:pool/main/l/linux86/linux86_0.16.14-
> q-a8A883cDp_OZG-yLX3FQ=Debian:pool/main/l/linux86/linux86_0.16.14.orig.tar.gz
> B_lyIVOsBxXJBs6HPdWBdA=Debian:pool/main/s/syslinux/syslinux_2.11-
> pzxLMmKcklZ2ZgxGjvPPGg=Debian:pool/main/s/syslinux/syslinux_2.11.orig.tar.gz

I believe having all the sources for a package in one place is best so
this is better. The rest [cut] might be duplicates but who
cares. Better a source to many than one missing.

> On the other hand, it may be usefull to copy ia32-libs
> from DVD source-3 to DVD amd64-2.
> After that, only 4 DVD carry all what is needed for amd64.
> Similarly, it may be usefull to copy ia32-libs
> from DVD source-3 to DVD ia64-3.
> After that, DVD source-3 might be dropped entirelly.

Intresting. But probably too special a case to get implemented.

> I hope, that such shuffle might be possible in August for 3.1r1.
> Again, thank you very much for amd64.
>  						Petr


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