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[no subject] 164SX 2.2 kernel and strace Alphastation and ISDN again Anyone wanna try a generic kernel image? applixware installation on debian alpha? Australian seller of Debian Alpha CD's? Re: Bug#35410: floatbg doesn't continually change the X root window colour Building packages with fakeroot Can't chown: permission denied during mongrel install UDB cd boot Coda on Alpha? Re: Coda on Alpha? (bug in glibc and make?) Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 fuer DEC Alpha DS20 Re: dselect taking ages to install Fakeroot First time install Floating point exception on Alpha gcc STILL broken Good news, bad news. Help Help with getting X going on a AS200 install of Debian 2.1r2 on AS 200 install problem Interesting info... Intermittent crashes with mySQL on slink/alpha Re: Iprobe anyone? KDE 1.1 debs for Alpha? kernel 2.2.x problems knfsd flakiness libc6.1-dev compile error librx Re: line printer problems / DEC Alpha Linux/Alpha Installation and Documentation (was Re: Debian Slink on AS200) maintainer contacts matrox video card info request More bad news NFS curiosity --- can't restrict access properly NFS mounted /var/spool problem Re: NFS mounted /var/spool problem NIS funkiness No apt 0.3.4 for alpha? Re: Odd Alpha problem with Postgres openldap-1.2.0 deb? Optimized compiling with CPML problem Peer support SUCKS... Potato/Alpha Potato woes Problem installing Debian 2.1 on Jensen ps/2 mouse(quick question) PWS 500a MILO problems... realplayer, em86 Re: RH5.2 / 2.2.5-ac6 telnet stopped working ROSS? ROSS system Roxen on ALPHA Slink: emacs19 != emacs19? Re: slink->potato, 2.0.35->2.2.x ssh unaligned trap error... switching between SRM and ARC/AlphaBIOS (was Re: Iprobe anyone?) Re: thread-safe xlibs? Trouble with network. UDB w/o Floppy underflow on alpha Unidentified subject! Wine X11 libs XFree86- debs xntpd does not seem to adjust the clock The last update was on 14:28 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 207 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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