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Re: Wine

Christopher C Chimelis <chris@beezer.med.miami.edu> writes:

> On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, Luke Shulenburger wrote:
> > It recently came up on another list that I'm a member of so I thought I
> > would aske the masters.  Will it be difficult to run wine on an alpha?
> > (when wine gets more stable in general)  Will it be difficult to port to
> > run with debian's current set of libraries?   Thanks for your replies.  
> I've been loosely following that thread on axplist also.  My take on the
> whole thing is: Why?  Granted, running NT-Alpha binaries would be good,
> running NT-i386 binaries would not necessarily turn in the performance
> expected for several reasons (which they've no doubt covered over there).
> In short, the overhead of em86 having to handle all machine-level
> corrections on something as complex as Wine would put such a hit on the
> processor that you could more easily scrape together a 486 to turn in
> better performance.

There is a very good answere to the question "Why wine for alpha?":

1. I don`t have a Windows System.
2. I wan`t to use Windows progs.
3. I don`t have time, money and space for an pc + keyboard + mouse +

Actually I have several comps and several monitors and the space
requirements realy suck. Using one monitor and one keyboard is a great 

May the Source be with you.

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