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Re: realplayer, em86

On 5 Apr 1999, M. Welle wrote:

> after a few hours of hacking I can compile and link all files except
> libc-assist. em86 starts and gives its short helpline ;-). Today I
> will see, what to do with libc-assist. Possibly only a minor part of
> work is done yet. 

Do me a favour and send me a diff of your work thusfar.  I think between
us, we can get this working well :-)

If this looks like it'll be an extended work-in-progress, I'll set up a
CVS repository for em86 while we beat on it :-)

> Do you know the article from donaldlf@cs.rose-hulman.edu in cola?

I haven't checked cola in ages.  I'll look today, but our news server here
doesn't keep things long.

> Good luck. Life could be such a fine thing, unfortunately you have to
> raise money all the time.

I resolved it and even got a HUGE exception granted in my case by both
banks involved.  Guess getting hit by a car helped my case, though (I'm
not injured...the person just tapped me on the leg).


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